"When you learn, teach." -Maya Angelou


I believe that knowledge is the key to personal power. When you operate in the world from a place of authentic personal power, you create opportunities for true success.
1-on-1 coaching programs are customized to achieve the results you are looking for.  In addition to meeting your specific needs you will also be provided the skills to make empowered decisions, communicate those decisions with love and develop a deep belief in yourself.
Did you know there is magic in gratitude?
Come together with like minded women for personal growth, inspiration and a bonus de-stress session all while centered in gratitude.
Giving and receiving with a happy heart is more powerful than you may think.  
When your heart is so full of gratitude it will overflow and that is how you reach the next level of blessings in life. Many people think it works the opposite. They think when they get more blessings then they will be grateful.  Not true. Gratitude is the prerequisite, or the magic, for everything you want to create in your life.
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Connect to nature, your truest self and who you most want to be.  Lovingly and gently create a foundation of wholeness and prosperity. Let the animals guide you to peace and self-healing which will result in a life filled with joy and purpose.
Next retreat starts February 23! Connect with me HERE to reserve your spot and chat about your goals! Limited to 5 women who are ready to change and manifest purpose and tranquility in their lives. You can also book your spot directly HERE for the retreat or HERE for the retreat and coaching

I work with women so that they feel confident, gain the skills to navigate life & communicate with empowered decisions. Through my coaching programs, gratitude events and vision board workshops we help you reach your next level of success and happiness.


Maybe it means going from good to great and maybe it means dealing with the crap that sometimes comes with life.  No matter how great life can be, crap happens, the question is how do you handle it?

Does it cause you to struggle and get frustrated? 

No worries, you’ve come to the right place.


This is probably something you don’t hear every day but, I’m kind of an expert on crap.

Years ago I didn’t love life like I do now.

And that’s because life handed me what seemed like more than my fair share of crap.  Yes, life is great now and funny enough it’s still full of crap and I wouldn’t have it any other way.  I’m blessed to have 6 dogs, 2 bunnies, 2 turkeys, a cat and a horse so it’s a different kind of crap.

In my coaching programs, gratitude gatherings and events I create a comfortable space and teach my unique system to confidently, quickly and peacefully deal with crap from anyone or any situation.  That’s success at every level.

The journey to the next level of success is yours.  It’s my honor to guide you on the path of your choice.

Let's connect and learn how we can work together. Click on the button and schedule your free discovery session and get you closer to your goals, dreams & visions!

“I am grateful for the inspiration, support and accountability you have provided.” - Carol S.

what others say about working with me

“Thank you for a wonderful experience.  I am excited, energized, and fully at peace with my decision to take a new direction in my life.” - Donna M

"You are amazing at what you do.  I love how passionate and knowledgeable you are." - Jamie B