Connect to nature, your truest self and who you most want to be.  Lovingly and gently create a foundation of wholeness and prosperity. Let the animals guide you to peace and self-healing which will result in a life filled with joy and purpose.

Gift yourself 2 hours a week  on a Sunday - Just for YOU - for 6 weeks.

Become one of five women in this exclusive mini retreat series that meets on a tranquil 5 acre property.  Allow nature to instantly remove your stress the moment you enter the farm property.

Small enough for one-on-one benefits while still enjoying the company and experiences of other positive, like-minded women.


Typical results:


~Animal experiences that facilitate deep emotional shifts

~Renewed energy and love of life

~Replace self-doubt with self-love

~Lighter, happy heart

~Discover your life purpose and learn clear, simple, heartfelt teachings to live
your purpose.



6 Sundays 2-4pm  *there is one make-up date



  1. February 23

  2. March 1

  3. March 8

  4. March 15

  5. March 22

  6. March 29

Make up date April 19th


*(2) deep dive per-retreat  one-on-one private phone sessions included ($300 value) and will take place before February 23rd.

Two Levels available:


Option 1. Retreat Series

Option 2. Retreat Series + 5 one-on-one additional  phone coaching sessions


  • Connect with nature to reduce stress
  • Bring about peace and tranquility
  • Lots of smiles and connection
  • Deep seeded discovery of your purpose and passion

Jen's classes are unique.  They give us a platform to analyze major life issues and reflect on our lives.  Most importantly, however, they ask us to connect with nature, with our true selves, with who we want to be and to shift the entire foundation on our belief system- slowly, lovingly and with great gentleness to one of health, wholeness and prosperity.

Jen's loving kindness is an additive approach to traditional therapeutic means and is truly healing at its core.  I
am so grateful to have met Jen.


I recommend this program to anyone, at any age who wants to integrate peace, spiritual awareness and self healing into a fulfilling, prosperous, joyous life.


I thank God for you, your workshops and the ways you encourage us to love ourselves. ~ Nancy

Thank you for empowering me! ~ Danielle

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