The Family Meeting

If you want to teach your children problem solving skills, life skills and social skills, the Family Meeting is something you will want to be doing weekly. The HOW of the Family Meeting is very important so I’ll be going into that in detail here.

What I want to be sure to convey is that this is not the new way you get your kids to sit down and listen to you lecture. Sorry Charlie if that’s what you were hoping for.

But don’t worry because you are going to get so much more out of this by doing it the way it is intended.

Step 1. Gratitude & Compliments

Go around the table and everyone says one thing they are grateful for. Next each individual gives a compliment or a statement of gratitude to each person at the table.

Step 2. Look at what you didn’t get to cover from last week’s meeting

If it’s still relevant address it now. If it’s no longer relevant move on to this week’s agenda.

Step 3. New Topics to Cover

Everyone can share their feelings on the topics. Everyone is invited to join in the discussion which has a goal of finding solutions.

Step 4. Record Solutions/Resolutions

Note* You only have to agree to try out the solutions for one week and you can revisit it again and evaluate the results in next week’s meeting.

Step 5. Make a note of the items that will need to wait until next meeting, if there are any, and pick who will be the meeting leader next week.

Notes- Everyone will get a turn to be the meeting leader. The agenda should hang on the refrigerator or be placed somewhere that everyone can write agenda topics on during the week.

Each Meeting Set a Timer (usually 20 minutes is good). When the timer goes off the meeting is over.

After the Family Meeting is a great time for a favorite dinner, dessert, or game night.

Would you like a printable Family Meeting Agenda? Grab your copy here.

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