4 Questions to raise your Vibe

Gratitude is one of the highest vibrations on the emotional scale.

So it makes sense then to intentionally cultivate feelings of gratitude to raise your vibe!

Use these questions as journal prompts or to meditate on. Use the one that feels best to you or do them all! It’s totally up to you. The only rule is that you listen to your inner guidance.

1. What are you most grateful for?

We are starting off with a pretty easy one to get the momentum rolling. You can go ahead and list off as many as you can think of. Sometimes it’s fun to set a timer when you work with this question.

2. Who are you most grateful for?

Really dig in to this one. Tap into the why and the positive feelings that come up.

3. What accomplishments are you most grateful for?

Now we are turning the focus inward. Sometimes it’s easier to find gratitude outside of yourself. It can feel awkward at first being grateful for you. Don’t worry, it gets easier!

4. What mistakes are you most grateful for?

Yep, you read that correctly. You are really vibing when you can learn to pull the lesson out of mistakes and be grateful for them.

Why does this work? Focused attention! What we put our attention on grows. When we recreating feelings of gratitude our brains don’t know if it’s happening now or in the past.

When we tap into the feelings of gratitude, we receive the same benefits in our brain, as if the event is happening in real time, and our vibration rises.

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