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What does it mean to live a passionate-exciting, fulfilling, thrilling, purposeful, motivated-life?

We'd all like to feel our life is purposeful, and we all want to be passionate about what we're doing, to be excited about how we spend our days, to love our life and to feel we're making some valuable contribution.

How do you discover your real passions?

Take The Passion Test®

This test will help you understand the key elements YOU need to live a happy, fulfilled life.

This workshop will put you in the road to a fulfilling life!

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The Passion Test® is the #1 tool used world-wide to discover one’s passion and priorities; practiced in 64+ countries. The Passion Test is a simple, powerful set of tools for discovering your passions and aligning your life with what matters most to you.

The Passion Test shows you step by step how to identify your top five passions, and then provides the guidance to align your life with these passions.

Once you have taken The Passion Test™ you will know:

Your top 5 passions – There was a research study which found 100 of the most successful people in America had one thing in common. When they identified the top 5 things that were most important to them in their career, all of them had achieved them.

Your Passion Score – How closely is your current life aligned with your passions? Your score indicates where you have been putting your attention after you score your top 5 passions.

Your Markers – How do you know when you are really living your passions? Your Markers are signposts that show you where you are in living your passions. They map the route. We show you how to create your markers which are signposts that let you know where you are in living your passions.

7 Key Principles for Living a Passionate, Fulfilled Life

Love Notes from Passion Test Clients...

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Hi, I'm Jen!


A married mom of two kids in college a Certified Life Coach.


I’ve been a certified Passion Test facilitator for almost ten years and have had the pleasure of watching real change and accomplishments transform in the lives of the participants. It is my most requested workshop and participants learn something new each time.


I am also certified Licensed Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Certified life coach, motivational coach, social & emotional intelligence coach, certified Assertiveness Coach. These are some the tools we use when working together! 


As a certified Passion Test facilitator for adults, kids & teens and author of Why Are You Yelling? A Parent’s Guide To Raising Your Kids Without Raising Your Voice my goal is to help you find your passion and use your strengths to make your relationships with you children more full of joy and understanding.

My life’s journey was once on a path of mistakes, fears and guilt. I learned my lessons the hard way and would often joke with my friend that I was a slow learner.


My greatest wishes are for you to unlock your unlimited potential & see how powerful you are. To understand that your lives are created by the thoughts you believe. You hold the power to build the life of your dreams.


Driven by my greatest wishes I am honored to have created Hope Inrheart Life Coaching for Women and a 501 C (3) 100% volunteer Children’s Charity Kindness Shared Happiness Squared. Two separate and different businesses one common goal. Changing lives and creating Happiness!

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