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LIVE 2021

Do you wake up feeling in alignment with achieving your big dreams?

(if not … you’re in the right place!)

What keeps most women from creating their best life is not knowing what are their subconscious blocks and not taking action.
Together we clear the path to your best life and connect you to your trust self.
We invite you to join us for a six-month Intensive for purposeful women like you and take you from overwhelmed, unfocused, and scattered to making daily choices that are clearly aligned towards successfully achieving your big dreams.
Studying at Home

Live 2021

Now that you have CREATED Personal Certainty let’s get you the loving and kind support needed to achieve your goals in this uncertain world.
At the completion of month 3 you will have developed peace, spiritual awareness and self-healing all while enjoying the journey.

What You Get.....


On Ramp Call: 45-minute 1:1 coaching call to map out your journey

My Best Life Series: 90-Day Virtual Program with at home action steps (Jan - March)

Biweekly: 90 minute group zoom sessions

Month one ~ With the help of your farm animal guides you will Rewrite your story and Redefine your possibilities.

Month two ~ Gently shift your core beliefs and Release limiting money beliefs and create prosperity Rituals.

Month three ~ Receive love and cultivate Self-Love by Reconnecting to the healing energy of nature.

Check Your BlindSpot™ - 90-Day Virtual Program with Drama Resilience Assessment and actionable practices you can implement immediately when there’s a gap between what you want and what you’re experiencing (April - June)

Biweekly: 90 minute group zoom sessions

Month four ~ Receive your Drama Resilience Assessment to better understand your strengths for practicing compassionate accountability and your risk factors for slipping into unhealthy coping habits.

Month five ~ Recognize the role you play in those recurring interactions that drain your energy and begin replacing them with healthy alternatives sooner and sooner. It’s not about perfection … it’s about recognition and recovery when we get tripped up!

Month six ~ Cement your compassionate accountability as a regular part of your routine for closing the gap when life doesn’t go as planned. Live with the certainty that you can create the connections and results you desire regardless of what anyone else says or does.

Off Ramp Call: 1:1 individual coaching in July to support your next steps.

SPECIAL OFFER for CREATE 2021 Participants  
Now that you have CREATED Personal Certainty let’s get you the loving and kind support needed to achieve your goals in this uncertain world. 


By taking action during the event we want to gift you some BONUSES... because we know The Universe rewards action :) 
BlindSpot Breakthrough™ (valued at $497)
Work through a challenging interaction by applying the Compassionate Accountability® formula to feel good about the way that you’re showing up! We’ll walk you through step-by-step to feel confident about tackling this real-life challenge (whether it’s at work or at home) in a healthy way. 
3 Bonus Realignment 1:1 Calls: During your six month program you can use these calls for moments of self-doubt or challenges to feel empowered ….we know life happens, we want to offer you a lifeline to help you get unstuck and realigned. 
We are offering a flexible 6 month payment plan option at $497/ month
…or you can save by paying in full at $2497 --> savings of over $485!
(The CREATE 2021 offer expires at midnight 12/12/2020)
Need more information? You can book a clarity call with our team to answer any questions.

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Sunrise on Nature

Danielle B.

I can’t say enough about the retreat – not only amazing tools to use on a daily basis, but reflection exercises, time to spend quietly enjoying nature, animals, and really thinking about yourself and life being the best it can be.  Affirmations, meditations, and tools I use to align my thoughts in the morning and ways to reflect with gratitude at days end.

Donna M.

I am looking at my Vision Board right now.  It is so real to me, so much from my inner self, my heart.  I had no clue that this would be such an “aha” day.   I would love to work with you. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Carol S.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the wonderful workshop yesterday.  Your spirit, as well as the material, rekindled so many parts of my soul that had been lying dormant for quite a while.

You are a gift to those you meet!

Jennifer Altieri

I help my clients unlock their unlimited potential and see how powerful they are. As a Certified Life and Assertiveness Coach, Licensed Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, and Author of “Why Are You Yelling?”, my goal is to help you find your passion and use your strengths. You hold the power to fill your relationships with joy and understanding. You can build the life of your dreams!


LaRita Jarvis

Changing the world one compassionate conversation at a time. I've spent my lifetime collecting straightforward techniques for leveraging difficult interactions to create stronger relationships. A behavioral scientist with infectious enthusiasm for uncovering our own blind spots, I guarantee you'll be inspired from the work we do together. What matters most is how we treat each other, especially when we disagree!