Summer Reboot for Moms

Girls Night IN With Moms Who Get IT

Imagine Keeping your cool this Summer!

Hey, we love our kids more than life itself AND sometimes we don’t like being a parent.


Especially when a typical Summer starts out with good intentions and then:       


  • Yelling

  • Mom Guilt

  • Kids pushing your buttons

  • Being a referee

  • No follow through

  • Morning Madness

  • Bedtime Frustrations

  • Power Struggles

  • Teen attitudes

  • Bribing/Punishment

  • “I told you 100 times”

  • “Just a minute”

  • “Mommy is working right now”

  • “Not now”

Don’t let your Summer turn into one meltdown after the next.

My guess is you have tried just about everything.

I’d also guess that if you knew how, you would rather use a non-punitive method to teach your children to become responsible, respectful, contributing members of society.  Good news!  I’d love to teach you how to do just that.

Imagine, you help your kids correct behavior challenges and develop skills and values in a way that you feel good about! No guilt!

Imagine, identifying and fixing the root of the problem so that you can guide your children to lasting positive change instead of having the same issues come up again and again.

Imagine, helping your children feel capable and safe, while setting them up to thrive in today’s world.

Join me and an amazing group of moms who GET IT!  Tag in a partner to handle bed time, grab a glass of your favorite beverage and let's plan our Summer with Ease!

Who is this workshop for?

  • Moms of Toddlers

  • Moms of Pre-Teens and Teens

  • Moms of Adult Kids

  • Grandmas who help with childcare

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It is not fair to ask of others what you
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