Why Are You Yelling?

A Parent’s Guide to Raising Kids Without Raising Your Voice

Standing in the kitchen yelling at the kids...
What I was yelling about, I can’t remember because I was always yelling about something.  

What I do remember was the look on my 10-year-old son’s face and the words that he spoke still have not left me nine years later. 


Looking up at me with this look of disgust mixed with confusion as he asked me “WHY are you YELLING!?  My answer, “because if I don’t yell you don’t take me seriously”.


Yelling was my parenting tool, or at least I thought it was a tool.  
In reality it’s more like a weapon.

Hope inrheart after.jpg
From my heart & my experiences 
I offer you common sense solutions
& stories as a mom who is
a “reformed yeller” herself.

It was another couple of years after this exchange with my son before I was able to look at my own range of emotions and kick the habit of yelling.  


I knew that if sharing my parenting mistakes would help even one person it was important for me to share.  


Understanding what I thought I was yelling about was never what I was really yelling about completely transformed my household and brought a peace that we never before knew as a family.


From one mom to another I would be honored to share my story with you.

Want your kids to listen to you without yelling? Work with me.  


I’m not only a mom who understands the struggle.


I’m also a Certified Positive Discipline Parent Educator offering Positive Parenting workshops or Private 1-on-1.

Toss out the old blame & shame and replace them with kind & firm.

Once I finally saw that it was my behavior patterns that had to change first, I searched for solutions that would be healthy for both me and my family.  After experiencing first hand the difference Positive Parenting can make, I knew I had to share it with as many moms as possible.


Yes, this really does work!!!


You can now say goodbye to the guilt, regret, and anger while you say hello to the mom you want to be.


I’m just like you, I want my kids to have the best- the best that life has to offer and the best that I have to offer.  But I had some work to do. The work I did changed my life and it can change yours too.


Let's chat about how I can guide you to have a more rewarding and happier relationship with your kids today!

I thought the class was very educational.

The mistaken goal chart really opened my eyes and made me look at people and situations a lot differently.  I think the chart is a good example on understanding others better.  The competent giant was one of my favorite activities.  I have never realized the impact height difference makes when someone is yelling at you.  The acting out of the game gave great examples and had me thinking of how I am going to re-word or question some of my responses from now on.

Overall I feel that this was extremely helpful and I would definitely recommend this learning class to parents and teachers all over.  I came into the class very skeptical about it but left with a whole new set of knowledge and understanding.