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My mind is stronger than my body, I can NOW choose to be ill and miserable or healthy and happy, I prefer healthy and happy!!!

I went to the doctors today for bloodwork results… she said, “your bloodwork is a definite reflection of you and your outlook, everything is perfect and all things positive” She swears I am an anomaly ... she meant that in a good way.  I wanted you to know my doctors’ feedback so you could be proud of your good work!!! Love you Jen!

- Joanne G

I openly accept spirit and the Lord, I am free to ask for as much as I want with no guilt.  I DEEPLY APPRECIATE ALL that is given, which allows me to feel free to ask for more, I have become as gracious to spirit as it has to me!

It is now MY choice to let people and their demeanor affect me, I DO NOT take things personally as I realize that we tend to put our own issues/stuff onto others.  It does work both ways though, I am more mindful of my own works so as to not hurt others unintentionally!

Life is just so much more peaceful now!!

Thank you, Jen, for ALL that you have taught me!

- Joanne G

Let’s just say, I always look forward to our calls.  Every single one of your sessions, even when we talked about things that were difficult, left me feeling energized, freer, and with a sense of clarity.  

When I first came to you, I was struggling with work/life balance and parenting and each of your sessions catered to the root of each problem I was facing at the time.

You have an amazing knack for what you do.  Thank you so much for all your help, I am truly grateful and appreciative.

-Carol S

Hope Inrheart’s relationship coaching helped me tremendously!!!  Jennifer was able to help me through several life situations to find clarity and also to let go of limiting beliefs that I didn’t even realize I had.  

I feel rejuvenated, positive, and confident to this day. I’m also thankful to have the tools and big picture concepts that will allow me to move in a positive direction in the future!  

I highly recommend Hope Inrheart!!!

- Jacqueline T